Super Luxe Chocolate Box

Super Luxe Chocolate Box

The name says it all. The Super Luxe box of chocolate is our most fabulous offering. It consists of a Luxe box and Gorge box of chocolate stacked. This box includes twenty-six of our signature salted collection and dark chocolate truffles both with nuts and without.  Presented in our elegant black boxes with a chromed label finishing and bowed in our signature black ribbon. (Almost 3 lbs of luxury chocolate)

Dark Chocolate Truffle with French Grey Sea Salt – (3 Pieces)

Semi-Sweet Chocolate Truffle with Caramel and Red Sea Salt – (3 Pieces)

Dark Chocolate Cluster with Caramel, Walnuts and Mediterranean Sea Salt – (3 Pieces)

Semi-Sweet Orange Chocolate Truffle – (2 Pieces)

Semi-Sweet Raspberry Chocolate Truffle – (3 Pieces)

Bourbon Dark Chocolate Truffle – (2 Pieces)

Dark Chocolate Truffle – (3 Pieces)

Dark Chocolate Truffle with Walnuts (1 Piece)

Semi-Sweet Mint Chocolate Truffle – (2 Pieces)

Espresso Dark Chocolate Truffle – (2 Pieces)

White Chocolate Truffle with Vanilla and Walnuts enveloped in Dark Chocolate – (1 Piece)

Dark Chocolate Turtle with Caramel and Walnuts – (1 Piece)





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