A native of Buenos Aires, Oscar Maas began his floral and event design career in New York City. While learning to create intricate floral arrangements for high end, private events in New York, Oscar fell in love with the different fragrance of each flower he worked with.

After 12 years in the capital of the world, he decided to move to Miami, where he launched his own floral and event design business, catering events and galas for some of the most exclusive fashion brands in the world.

Oscar’s vision has been to create striking and memorable floral arrangements for all occasions by integrating flowers and style with a refined aesthetic that has also translated into his own unique and indulgent gift collections.

Throughout his many years in this industry, Oscar has remained curious about exotic plants and flowers from around the world, discovering and re-discovering new scents every day. As a result, he has found another way to incorporate flowers into his brand. Fragrances! With an unyielding commitment to quality, detail, and an Individual sense of beauty, Oscar has just developed his luxury home fragrance collection, inspired by his favorite flowers and neighborhoods of Buenos Aires.