Luxe Chocolate Box
Luxe Chocolate Box

Luxe Chocolate Box

The Luxe box of chocolates comes with eighteen dark chocolate truffles both with nuts and without and our classic salted collection. This is our classic box of luxury dark chocolate. Presented in our elegant black box with a chromed label finishing and bowed in our signature black ribbon. (Almost 2 lbs of luxury chocolate)

Dark Chocolate Truffle with French Grey Sea Salt – (2 Pieces)

Semi-Sweet Chocolate Truffle with Caramel and Red Sea Salt – (2 Pieces)

Dark Chocolate Cluster with Caramel, Walnuts and Mediterranean Sea Salt – (2 Pieces)

Semi-Sweet Orange Chocolate Truffle – (2 Pieces)

Semi-Sweet Raspberry Chocolate Truffle – (2 Pieces)

Bourbon Dark Chocolate Truffle – (1 Piece)

Dark Chocolate Truffle – (2 Pieces)

Dark Chocolate Truffle with Walnuts – (1 Piece)

Semi-Sweet Mint Chocolate Truffle – (1 Piece)

Espresso Dark Chocolate Truffle – (1 Piece)

White Chocolate Truffle with Vanilla and Walnuts enveloped in Dark Chocolate – (2 Pieces)

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